Soaking in the Beauty!

Wandering around the Denver Botanic Gardens this week, I noticed how different the flowers are in August than they were during my visit at the end of June. It is an island of paradise in the middle of the city and a place where the immersion in color and sheer variety of plant life is inspiring. I was soaking in the beauty and being aware that it is here, right in front of us, in spite of the dreadful news we hear everyday. For my time at the gardens, I relished this fact, breathed in what was in my immediate vision and rejoiced for these calm spaces.

Busy Pikas!

On our hike last week on the tundra, we were overjoyed to see so many picas, bustling around with grasses in their mouths, preparing for the winter months. They were making their notorious squeaks and were a joy to see. The next day, all I could think about, was how I wanted to still be there with them, sharing in their energized delight!

A Heaven of Wildflowers

Rose crowns on July hike to our favorite “secret” spot!
Sky Pilot early July, 2022
Parry’s Primrose, July 2022

The wildflowers this summer are a feast to behold. All the rain in the mountains has produced more of everything, including some species on certain trails that I haven’t seen in the past. I’ve been hiking more slowly to make sure I drink in the colors and forms.

The Real Me

I found out in January that I had basal cell carcinoma on my nose. A week ago, I had it removed with MOHS surgery. Today I get my stitches out. I have been told that ultimately, I will be pleased with the results. I’ve been doing a healing meditation from Peggy Huddleston, where I visualize a positive outcome. But this drama goes deeper…I can remember when I was in about 5th grade, going to a costume party and I dressed up in my dad’s clothes and went as what we called then, a “hobo.” All the other girls were in “pretty” girly costumes except for me. I remember how it all changed for me once I was 12 and I think, the me that dressed up as the hobo, not caring what I looked like, that was the real me.