Shipment Saga

Shipment Saga

When I ordered an item from a department store, it was eligible for a price match, so the customer service representative entered my information.

I was tracking the package and it was due to arrive. I checked the porch before bed, and assumed it must just be late. In the morning, I found an email saying it had been delivered the night before.

Initially, I assumed it had been stolen from the porch. I called Customer Service and got a representative named Denise. While she was checking into things, I noticed that my address had been entered with only the last 2 digits of the 4 digit house number. It was then that I realized the package had been delivered about one mile north of where I live.

It was about 25 degrees and 7:30a.m. I told Denise that I would try to retrieve it.
Whipping my hair into a pony tail and throwing on coat and gloves, I headed north. I lucked out in getting a parking spot right in front of the row of townhomes that was perpendicular to the sidewalk. It was the one in the middle that had the mis-entered address. I rang the bell.

Immediately, dogs were barking. It was loud. I looked up and above me to my left was a glass window. Two little poodles were the ones making the noise. I turned to them and cooed a greeting. After that, the door opened. Clearly, I had woken up the man who lived there. He was disheveled, barefoot and wearing shorts.

After explaining the situation, he shut the door and went to look. He returned saying he hadn’t received the package, but suggested I try the unit closest to the sidewalk, as he indicated the deliveries often went there by mistake. I thanked him and headed over.

Ringing the bell, I was again treated to a cacophony of barking! I looked up and there was another poodle!!! Eventually, a woman came to the door. When she opened it, I could see there were several packages in the foyer. Again, I explained and she said she’d look. While she was looking, the man from the next unit appeared with my package. He said his wife had brought it in and was sleeping when he first had checked.

Thrilled, I left with my package and drove home. I immediately called the store, and to my surprise, I got Denise again! She was equally shocked as she had said I would get someone else. I told her the story and she said I had made her day! She said she had been fretting about me. It was a great way to start my day, too, with a problem happily solved.

The Mouse

Last night at 2:15 am, Cleo began charging around this one area of the bedroom. She was hunting a little brown mouse who started hiding near the wall where John has his various chargers. I saw it at one point and it was a crafty little mouse 🐁 hiding behind whatever it could.

Next thing I knew, it had headed into the wilderness of John’s closet with Cleo in hot pursuit!

Since neither of us could sleep with all this action going on, John got up and could see the mouse had squeezed into a little spot where the plaster wall had cracked and crumbled.

He got a plastic container and with Cleo in close supervision, he was able to coax the mouse inside and slide the lid underneath. (Container upside down at that point).

While he was putting on warm clothes, I took this photo. He brought the mouse 🐁 outside to an area that has a lot of leaves and let it out.