September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001

Yesterdays frustrations recede
as news of crashing
hijacked planes
explode into my kitchen.
I watch as one of New York’s
tallest towers crumbles,
trapping thousands in a massive
tomb of debris,
unable to erase the image
of people jumping
from the building.

The second tower succumbs.

Just two days ago
at 12,000 feet
wind floated across Gibson Lake
mountains coated with fresh snow
dazzled against the cobalt sky
marmots fattened for impending hibernation
sunned themselves on boulders
like vacationers at the beach

Now peace seems so far away,
the world unsafe
as my thoughts scurry
like frightened mice
for a shelter
that doesn’t exist

Linda Keller, 9/11/01

From Comet Dreams, ©2004