Sperry Chalet

Sperry Chalet, Glacier National Park, was recently destroyed by fire. In memory, I am posting this photo from my trip there in 1976, after having climbed to Sperry Glacier and subsequently descending a steep snowfield on my bottom which resulted in the wet clothes hanging on the railing to dry. The Chalet was built in 1913.

Back on the trail!

Went on my first hike yesterday since injuring my knee 6/17. Delighted to see many of my favorite wildflowers still in bloom: elephantella, paintbrush, columbines, Parry’s primrose and asters. The beauty was heightened by my absence and it was a completely joyous day!

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Remembering my mom

Today is the four year anniversary of my mom’s death. This photo of her was taken in 1970, when she was 49.

Wish I was sitting at her dining room table right now, scooping a serving spoon into a bowl of her tomato sauce and meatballs.

I miss you, Mommy!

Students writing poetry in Yamoransa, Ghana

StudentGrp1 studentgrp2 studentgrp3 studentgrp4 studentgrp5 studentgrp6I miss my beautiful students and have been re-reading their sweet letters and poems. One of my favorite letters:

“I will miss you a lot. I will miss how you guide us to write poem and I will miss how you jump around the classroom when you get happy and I will miss how you read your poem to us with tears. I will never forget that.

Thank you very much because through you, I can now write a poem for my own without writing someone poem as mine. Thank you.—Hilda Annabil