The Mouse

Last night at 2:15 am, Cleo began charging around this one area of the bedroom. She was hunting a little brown mouse who started hiding near the wall where John has his various chargers. I saw it at one point and it was a crafty little mouse 🐁 hiding behind whatever it could.

Next thing I knew, it had headed into the wilderness of John’s closet with Cleo in hot pursuit!

Since neither of us could sleep with all this action going on, John got up and could see the mouse had squeezed into a little spot where the plaster wall had cracked and crumbled.

He got a plastic container and with Cleo in close supervision, he was able to coax the mouse inside and slide the lid underneath. (Container upside down at that point).

While he was putting on warm clothes, I took this photo. He brought the mouse 🐁 outside to an area that has a lot of leaves and let it out.

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