Mother, poems from motherhood


Linda Keller

ISBN 978-0-9625718-7-9
23 poems

Written over the years as the experience unfolded, the book is a poetic chronicle of motherhood. The freshness and immediacy speak to the heart. A great gift not only for moms, but anyone who has marveled at the fleeting phases of childhood.

“Linda Keller’s deliciously vivid poems highlight the kinds of motherhood moments from pregnancy to empty nest that make mothering so potent and meaningful. A great gift for any young mom to help her to cherish her own motherhood moments…and for grandmothers as well as to augment their grandmomming.”

— Susan Heitler, Ph.D., author of The Power of Two, a guide to marriage success.

“The earnest, beautiful snapshots of the ages and stages of a child’s genesis and growth from the perspective of a mother’s heart, arms and mind are priceless.”

— Annette Tilleman-Dick, Mother of Eleven

Comet Dreams ebook
Comet Dreams (ebook)
Linda Keller

ISBN: 978-0-9625718-6-2
42 poems
12 full-color illustrations by John Boak

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take it and go onTake It & Go On
Linda Keller

ISBN #978-0-9625718-4-8
Library of Congress Control Number: 2009903155
Perfect bound, 6″x 9″
15 Black & white illustrations by John Boak
70 pages
June 2009
Retail: $12.00 ($2.00 shipping will be added)

Distilled from the common challenges of living, Linda Keller’s poems straddle the divide between the everyday and the eternal, drawing hope from the deep well of nature.

comet dreamsComet Dreams
Linda Keller

ISBN: 0-9625718-3-0
Library of Congress Control Number: 2004095124
Perfect bound, 6″x 9″
12 Black & white illustrations by John Boak
72 pages
September 2004

See above for eBook version.


“Linda Keller’s poems swirl with sensation, memory, humor and a compelling love of nature.”
— Stephen Keating, Author of Cutthroat, winner of 1999 Colorado Book Award
“Evocative and entertaining.”
— Christiane Citron, (Former Director, Colorado Center for the Book)

ycslYou Can Stop Longing

Linda Keller
ISBN: 0-9625718-0-6
Perfect bound, 6″x 9″
120 pages
Retail: $10.00 ($2.00 shipping will be added)

“An intimate, insightful, and beautifully written collection. These poems are written in an honest, straightforward, soul-wrenching style that will appeal to teen as well as adult readers. The language is simple, clear and beautiful; the message is one today’s teens need to hear. Poets will applaud Keller’s audacity and soul. Great for using in high school English classes, I recommend the book for high school and public libraries, as well as to anyone who loves language and truth.” –Barbara Ittner, editor Libraries Unlimited, 1999

You Can Stop Longing is an inspirational book of poetry. In a clear, direct style, the poems show the reader the emotional steps of personal growth, from the realization of unhealthy patterns, to the discovery of the roots of longing and the gradual creation of a healthy life. The journey of the author’s own healing process unfolds, with all its ups and downs.


Linda Keller

Broadside, 14″x 6″
Retail: $10.00 ($2.00 shipping will be added)
(Frame not included)

Unlocked is an inspirational poem by Linda Keller. It was handset in moveable type and printed by letterpress.

deep in the wildernessDeep in the Wilderness
Linda Keller

ISBN: 0-9625718-2-2
Library of Congress Control Number: 00-092001
Perfect bound, 6″x 9″
48 pages
September 2000
Retail: $12.00

making up the wayMaking Up The Way

Linda Keller

ISBN: 0-9625718-1-4
Handstitched & glued, 4.25″x 5.5″
16 pages

Making Up The Way is a collection of poems by Linda Keller. It is a handmade book. Cover colors vary.

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