Reading at the Book Haven, Salida

The Book Haven

Salida’s Independent Bookstore

Dies Librorum – Tuesday, May 3, 2016; 6:00

Featured Musician: David Tipton

Featured Authors:
Linda Keller, Mother: Poems from Motherhood. A great gift not only for moms, but anyone who has marveled at the fleeting phases of childhood.

Dawn Griffin, We Came Here to Play. Taking place in a futuristic community in the Escalante of southern Utah, this is a story of empowerment, connection, and triumph, as six interdimensionals separately find their way through a time-space wormhole to “play the game” hosted by the community.

Mark Stevens, Lake of Fire, the fourth book in his Allison Coil Mystery Series. This former reporter writes a complex story of murder, mayhem and misguided patriotism in Colorado’s high country.

Laurel McHargue, Waterwight. In a post-cataclysmic world threatened by stinking ooze, a brave girl searches for her missing parents with the help of talking animals and evolving powers. When a mountain spirit challenges her to save the planet, she and a flying frog must overcome a magical, malicious castle of sand and a shapeshifter who wants her dead.

Featured Cuisine: Brazilian Shrimp Stew (Veggie Option), Basmati Rice, Mandarin Orange Salad Greens, Chocolate Mousse, Wine.
(Please bring your own tableware.)
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First rehearsal!

First Rehearsal for LTYM Boulder 2016!

by stephaniesprenger on March 29, 2016

To say our production team had been looking forward to last night is an understatement. Earlier this month we put together our cast after a powerful audition process, and ever since then we’ve been eagerly anticipating that magic moment (and believe me, it is magic) when the cast meets for the first time and hears one another’s stories. There’s just nothing like it.

There’s laughter (a lot of laughter), tears, and the waves of “me, too!” head-nodding around the table, just like there will be at the show, but it’s different during this first read-through. The synergy and connection that happens when a Listen To Your Mother cast gathers for the first time and witnesses the powerful words of their cast mates is something special, and we as a production team were so honored to be part of it.

We had the pleasure of watching our talented, unique cast share their stories with each other for the first time, and now we absolutely can’t wait for them to share them with YOU for the first time! You’ll hear unforgettable stories ranging from pregnancy to an empty nest, from postpartum challenges to special needs parenting, and from WWII travel adventures to the complexity of the mother-daughter relationship. We aren’t exaggerating when we say: you don’t want to miss this show. So don’t wait any longer and get your tickets now— our April 30th show is right around the corner and will be here before you know it!

See you at Unity of Boulder on Saturday, April 30th at 7:00 pm!

Show on April 30!

I am thrilled to announce that I have auditioned and been cast in the 2016 “Listen to Your Mother” production in Boulder.

The live show will take place on Saturday, April 30 at 7:00 p.m. at Unity of Boulder.

LTYM productions take place in 41 cities throughout the country! Each show features live readings by local writers.

For more information, visit:

Hope to see you there!


RisottoI have always enjoyed making risotto. Adding the broth one ladle at a time, letting the rice dry out before adding more. Gradually, watching it become a creamy mass. This time I added a little of my Mom’s saffron. I found it in a packet in her kitchen cupboard when we were preparing her house for sale. Inside the packet, a thin, waxy paper lining held the rust colored spice, like a rare golden dust that I sprinkled into the broth. Mom would have enjoyed a taste of this!


Bicyclist’s Philosophy of Life

In the novel, Clara and Mr. Tiffany, written by Susan Vreeland, Clara says, “You know, bicycling isn’t just a matter of balance. It’s a matter of faith. You can keep upright only by moving forward. You have to have your eyes on the goal, not the ground. I’m going to call that the Bicyclist’s Philosophy of LIfe.” (p. 144).